work done of one's own free will, unpaid, for the common good.

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I want to volunteer

I need volunteers

If you are a not-for-profit organisation or if you have a project that needs volunteers, our recruitment service can help.

My business team wants a Volunteer Project

I’m looking for training and events

We have a programme of events that runs through out the year, designed to support volunteering and the community sector.

Latest News

1 December 2020 in News

2020 State of Sector Survey released

ComVoices has just released its 2020 State of the Sector Survey based on feedback from 129 organisations around the country, post lockdown. ComVoices is a Wellington-based network of national community…

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18 November 2020 in News

The Volunteer Experience: Time Well Spent

At the 2020 Pivot Conference, organised by Volunteering NZ, Rob Jackson presented the first of the three online Masterclass workshops. He shared some great research on the volunteer experience, much…

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